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Lost playlist and accounts linked

Lost playlist and accounts linked

OK so I posted earlier about not being able to sign up for spotify premium as binx90.  I decided just to make a new account and then try and transfer my playlists.  I got the new account and got the premium to work. However, somehow it linked to my facebook even though that email address is NOT on that facebook account.  So now i cannot even log into the old account and i have lost my playlists.  I LOVE spotify and would hate to have to change to a different service but my patience is wearing thin.  How can i correct this? 

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The same thing happened to me not too long ago, and three of the playlists were unrecoverable even after talking to support. Very disappointing! I hope you have better luck than I did.

@binx1990 -  our support team should be able to help with this. Make sure you include the usernames of both accounts. The contact form can be found here. If you get an automated response, reply back to it directly.


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