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Merging/Deleting accounts

Merging/Deleting accounts


For some hoistoric reasons it appears i have two Spotify accounts under different email addresses. What I am trying to achieve:

  1. Delete account associated with
  2. Update account and set it's email to

At the moment, my primary account is When I try to login into, I am unable to do so. When resetting password for, i get below error:

Reset your password - Spotify 2017-01-24 11-55-34.png


If I am logging in using my facebook account, I am automatically logged in with email address 😕


Need help... How can i get rid of

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Hey there!

Because you can't log into the account associated with email, I think it's best to contact Spotify using this online form

They are able to take a look at the issue backstage. 🙂


Thanks, will try to do so 🙂

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