Miss typed email

Miss typed email


"Currently, I am using a second spotify account that I made on my computer. On my phone, I am logged in to another, older, spotify account that I made this past summer. The account on my phone needs a payment update, and says to check my email. i have recieved no email, but I'm worried that when I made the account I miss typed my email. I've tried logging in to this account on my computer, but I can't remember my password. when I go to change password, again I get no email, is there anyway you can tell me the email it's using. My username is Jane201999, and the email it should be using is If you could help me out that would be great."

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I have the same problem but the issue is with the account that manages the familiar premium, i have the user but i think that when i created the account i miss typed the email adress and i can't log in aaand i can't recover the password because of that if someone could help me i'll be glad, the one that really can help please, talk to me to


Same problem, any fix?

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