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My account both exists and doesn't exist but either way I can't log in

My account both exists and doesn't exist but either way I can't log in


I had to make an alternate account just to ask this, but I really just want to get into my old account to get my old playlists.


I had a spotify account linked to this email, however when I try to log in now, I get the message that my password/username is incorrect.  No problem, just reset my password right?  However when I try to get a password reset email sent, I get this error; 


I tried with my other email, and facebook login just to be sure I wasn't remembering wrong, and got the same "no account for this email" message.  So I tried to create an account annnnd; 


I have the same problem trying to log in on the app as well. 
So yeah.  I can't log in cause I can't remember my password, I can't reset my password because my account for this email doesn't exist, and I can't make a new account because my email is already associated with an account? 


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Hey there @BeltaguiseALT


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.

We suggest you first check this Spotify help page on how to get back into your account. Make sure you go through all the steps to cover all possible scenarios. 


Let us know in case this didn't solve your issue and we'll provide you with additional steps. 


We'll look out for your reply. 


As I wrote in my original post, I already tried resetting my password.  However, entering my email gives me the message "No account exists for this email".  I tried this with multiple emails, AND facebook.  


However, trying to use the exact same email to create a new account gets me the message, "Account for this email already exists".  

So, like I said, I can't reset my email to get into my account, because Spotify thinks there isn't an account associated with the email I made my account with, so it can't send the password reset email.   

Still looking for a solution for this. I don't know if..bumping a thread is appropriate here.

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