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My account disappeared...


My account disappeared...








Pc... and a samsung s6

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Windows 10


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 Good evening... Well, here is the thing, my account is Donnie Lebowski but i can't access this account, i tried all the possible passwords and doesn´t work... i can't restore my password either. I can´t find the solution and it makes no sense, in my phone it is perfectly fine, works perfectly but I reinstall spotify in my PC so i try to access and i can´t get into my account... I´ll attach the ss. It´s like my account isn´t accesible anymore... Please, i would really appreciate the help, I have quite a lot of music and story in that account... don´t want to create another one (because it happend to me recently, i deleted facebook and i had my first account linked so it disappeared with my facebook...) if somebody knows something please let me know 🙂

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Re: My account disappeared...

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Hello @DonnieLebowski!


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. Seems like you're trying to log in with your Display name, Donnie Lebowski. Your Display name can't be used to log in, instead you can log in with the auto generated username that you can find kn your receipts. You should also be able to log I'm with your email/Facebook.


I recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for more info.

This should help clear things up!

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