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My playlists disappeared

My playlists disappeared

Wherever I login with my account, I can't find my playlists...

Instead, there are 7 playlists that I never seen before.


Before asking if I'm in the right account, the answear is YES, I've already confirmed that as many times as you could possible think.


This issue started happening this week.


This is truly a bummer....

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There's a chance that the playlists you see in your playlists are already existing playlists that you did not create yourself but followed/liked at some point. Try finding your playlists by name in the search box - everytime I can't find a playlist I'm able to find it by searching for it by name. 

You could try logging in to your account on the browser or a desktop app to double check that your playlists are there. 

Hi @davidcruz!

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. It sounds like someone else may have gained access to your Spotify account. I'd recommend checking out this Support article for the next steps to take.


Let me know how things go!

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If you go onto while logged in, on the side bar menu towards the bottom will be a "recover playlists" button. When you click that button you should see all of your playlists and be able to get them back.

Hey @davidcruz.


If you don't see your playlists  on your account and deleted playlists, then we are fairly certain that you are logging into the wrong account. It's very easy to create an account with us so perhaps you did create a second account without knowing. Check  out this page and it should help you further.


Hope it does. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

the link in your reply just takes you to a place where you can change your password. how can I find out if have two accounts?

Hi there @modt,


Thanks for flagging this. I've gone ahead and updated the link in Guido's post. 


You can also open it here 🙂



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