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My podcast is not being uploaded to Spotify no longer....

My podcast is not being uploaded to Spotify no longer....

I run a podcast through Podbean. We have it set to upload to Spotify. Everything was working fine. However, after 8 uploaded episodes to Spotify, it's no longer uploading to Spotify. 

Nothing has changed on Podbean to signify a change on Spotify. 

On Podbean it still shows my account as being linked to Spotify. 


How do I fix this? 



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Hey there @SonnyFringe,

thanks for posting !


Please make sure to check out this FAQ page on Podcasts.

You can also use it to contact the right factors to help you with it as it is like a seperate department same as Spotify for Artists.


Hope this help 😃

Thanks. I'll go check it out. 

@Sonnyfringe Ive recently had this same problem with my podcast. It's an issue that only just arose. I also use Podbean and it's to do with some changes that Spotify have made to the format of the audio that is to be used in order for the podcast metadata tags to be read from the RSS feed. Eg. Some of my podcasts were using m4a instead of MP3 files which previously before the Spotify recent changes did actually still work. The files were actually type="audio/x-m4a" rather than type="audio/mpeg" which is what's required to work on podcasts now. So I am assuming the enclosure tag isn't formatted properly because of this. Once making the changes to the different and correct audio file type it's recommended to save the file name under a slightly different file name to trigger the changes to the Spotify system and trigger a result download of all episodes. Let me know how you go. But if your file types are incorrect in Podbean then this pretty much is definately your problem. Good luck. 


Regards and Cheers 


Thank you sir !


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