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How do i see my profile on the last update? 

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Hey @anaclara16


When you are on the App, click on "Your Library" and on the top left corner you will see your profile picture or a circle. Click there and then it will take you to your Profile.


Happy Listening


Doesn't apear 




The feature should still be available, you should be able to click on your profile on the top left corner. Go ahead and try this method, go to the search tab and put this in without quotation marks "spotify:user:yourusername" and see if you can see your profile this way. Also can you see other people profile?


Keep me posted!


It doesn't work, and i can't see other people profile. 

Also i contacted the support and they told me free users don't have the option to see your own profile anymore, i'm so mad 

Hey @anaclara16,


Could you tell us what exactly you want to see? Is it a link to your account page that's missing?


If you go to "Home" and push the settings icon on the top-right, you can scroll down and see what account is logged in.


Give us some more details and we'll help you out. 


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