Need Help please


Need Help please

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Hello I hope some one can help me a friend of mine did buy some sort of spotify premium card (Norway) but when we try to upgrade to premium are we not able to click at the card as payment method it just say * This payment method is not available for the selected payment plan* what can we do ? She did pay money for it and it should be for nothing I hope some one can help 🙂 

(it is the last payment method that I'm talking about its a green card with a code on the back)

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Hey there, I've moved those over into the Accounts and Subscriptions board as it's more relevant here. 🙂


Does she already have an existing subscription? If so, is it a Premium one or an Unlimited one?


Also, is she trying to redeem it from her computer at or on a mobile/tablet device?


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Re: Need Help please

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She did had spotify before so we tried the Premium button at the homepage and then 30days free premium but then she write stuff from visa card into it to get forward because the last paymant option (the green card she did buy) isnt avaliable

Re: Need Help please

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Has she tried going to and redeeming from there?

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