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New unknown device showed up, family plan not working

New unknown device showed up, family plan not working



today i was playing a playlist on and off  as i was doing other things as well. Then i just realised my music is not playing for some reason when I popped up my desktop app I saw the music was playing on a different device, not my Iphone, nor my Ipad where i listen in general off my pc. It was a totally new iphone, with someone else's name. After i switch music a few times, it disappeared. Can i be hacked or is it a problem known by Spotify staff?

Also i'm a subscriber to family plan, all of the members disappeared from the family plan but when i want to reinvite them the system is saying the member is already in the family plan. So the family members now cannot use your service.



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Hey there @rovassy, welcome to the community!


Sounds like you may be logged into the wrong account that's not connected to the family plan. To get this account you are logged into secure, make sure your account details are up-to-date and change your password to something unique and complex. When you change your password, all devices using that accounts will need to sign in again. 


Can I get a screenshot of your family plan page? I'll escalate your post to the team so they can take a look backstage and get this fixed for you.

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Thank you for the reply. I was logged in on my own account that is the main account for the family plan as well. 

The other issue however worries me much more that someone's unknown's phone was listening on my account. I am not changing my password, maybe i will see it again and then i make a screenshot of it. 

spotify family.png

The family plan i know is empty, but it shouldnt be. I never taken any member out of the plan, and i guess they dont have access to this page. 

@rovassy I still think changing your password is a good idea right now. This will prevent them from logging in your account and changing more stuff. The staff will be able to see who has previously logged into the account so no need for it to happen again. 


I've escalated this topic to the team and I'll let you know when I hear something! 🙂

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I now have  the screenshot of our guy listening to my spotify! So if you need some evidence I have it. In fact he is listening to it right now!

I have the same issue, have reset password etc but it still happens. We are using the same account legitimately, probably a database issue. Spotify have so far been ignoring it despite it affecting and concerning many users.

I believe that this is going to be the case. I changed my password and my sharing buddy asked for a password reset that came into my inbox that was also in german not in my language.

@rovassy @morphi34 




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If you're having a continued problem with this we'd suggest reaching out to the folks @SpotifyCares. They'll be able to look into things in more depth.







thank you for your concern,


I changed password, reinvited family and restored playlists, so for now im ok. If something comes up in future, i will get in contact. 



This ap[ears to be happening to me too. All my playlists had been deleted and replace with random Spanish playlists.

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