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Not recieving invite email

Not recieving invite email


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 I resently changed My account from premium to Family, and All is good at My end. However when i try to send an invite to My girlfriend, shes not recieving the invite mail. She used to have premium as well.. 

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Hi @Zanki and welcome to the Community! 🙂
It's possible these invite emails can get flagged as Spam. I recommend her checking the junk/spam folder to see if this is what happened.
Hope it helps and have a good day! 🙂

I checked the **bleep** filter, and nothing where there. She is recieving other mails from Spotify just fine.. 

Hi again @Zanki ,

Thanks for ruling that out. I recommend following Spotify's FAQ for this issue in the steps below: Hope it helps! 🙂


The invite isn’t working

Here are some things to check first:

  • If you’re accepting the invite on the same device it was sent from, make sure the owner who sent the invite has logged out of their account page first.

Still not working? Try resending the invite:

  1. Go to your Premium for Family account page and select the member you want to re-invite.
  3. If that doesn’t work, click CANCEL INVITE and re-invite the member by clicking SEND INVITE, and re-entering their details.

Tried them all twice, and no changes.. 

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