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Not using the correct Spotify account on Google Home devices

Not using the correct Spotify account on Google Home devices







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We have multiple google home devices in our house, 4 users, each with their own Spotify account and Google Home account added to the household. 1 account is premium, the rest are free. Each has had their own Spotify linked to their Google Home account.

Each has been set up with voice match and we've disabled playing music for guests.

The problem is, no matter who asks, it always uses the 1 Spotify account - the person with the premium account.  This is very annoying for that person as it stops their music as their Spotify account is being used on another device.

I've already contacted Google and their tech support spent over an hour assisting me - we've tried removing voice match and setting it up again, relinking the accounts, using new accounts, factory resetting the Google devices,  nothing has worked.  They've said that everything is set up correctly and I need to contact Spotify.


So, any ideas?

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Hi there @laridae79,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Can you check out the Add multiple Spotify accounts part of this article and follow the steps that's provided in it? 


Note: the voice match technology is maintained by Google, so any issues with it recognizing what account to play from is not something we can influence.


We also want you to know that not all functions are available on Free accounts, so you might want to add another Premium account and check if Voice Match correctly plays through the new account. If that is the case, an upgrade to Premium Family should resolve the issue.


What we also can recommend for you is that you use Spotify Connect so that you can direct the Home speaker to play from the correct account without voice recognition getting in the way.


We hope that this information cleared things up.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Take care!

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for your reply, but yes that's how they were set up originally the same as in that guide and we've tried to re-do it many times now with no success.  Google also asked us to to that and have confirmed that its set up correctly.  Voice match is also working correctly.

We don't have another premium account to try with, nor do we need one.  My husband only wanted it so he could play songs offline.  The rest of us have no need for the premium functionality.  We should not need to upgrade to premium family for this to work and I don't want to have to pay for it should it not work.

The google home minis were bought to allow 2 of the users to listen to music etc at night, while they are not allowed their other devices.  Needing to use Spotify to cast to the devices, while it works, is not a viable solution.



Just an update that once we unlinked the premium account it all works correctly. Each person is now using there own account (most but not all of the time), apart from the person with a premium account that now can't use it.


So there seems to be a problem with having a mix of free and premium accounts linked.  Hopefully you guys can work together with Google to resolve the issue.


As a side note, if would also be great if this system (of which I'm typing into right now) would not have an "unexpected error" 50% of the time when I use it. I've lost all 3 posts/comments I've made and had to retype them - its quite frustrating, you can't even go back a page to get what you wrote back.

Hey @laridae79,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop here. 

We're happy to read you've found a workaround for your situation, although we understand it's not ideal for all users at the moment.  We’ll be sure to let the right folks at our end know, but as mentioned above, the features in the Google Home devices are maintained by Google, so we cannot have a direct influence on the course of their development. We're always aiming to improve our own features and we hope you’ll continue to use Spotify and find it gets better in the future. 

You mentioned that you've experienced issues with our Community site as well, and we're sorry that you had to retype your messages multiple times. This sounds odd, but it could have been caused by some temporary internet connectivity issues. However, if you experience such situation again, please don't hesitate to make screenshots and get back to us so we can take a closer look and investigate this situation further.

If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.  

Kiril Moderator
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We have premium family, and have the same problem.

I have the same issue

Me too


Me too

Yep, same here. Our workaround is to use one of your competitors instead (YouTube Music). 🙄

Lol, that's what they wanted. This is an issue on Google's end, not Spotify...and it's solvable by linking everyone's OWN Spotify accounts with google and voice match.

...the issue is caused by that

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