Offline songs using Cellular Data

Offline songs using Cellular Data

One of the main reasons I got Spotify premium was to be able to download my songs in wifi and then play them on the go without using data. However, it looks like Spotify is still consuming a ton of data when I play the songs I've already downloaded, which is completely ridiculous. Why does this happen??? If they're on my phone it shouldn't use any data at all!!
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Can you post some information? Device being used, OS version, and the Spotify app version current on the device? This issue has already had a few escalations already. The Rock Stars are just awaiting word back about what the next steps are.

I'm still having this issue after update to app version 5.4.0 on ios 9.3 on iPhone 6S. I switched on mobile data to test update while playing offline synced music. Reset mobile data usage, ran Spotify, and it used 175MB over five minutes of testing.

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