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Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!


Offline synced on more then 3 devices message?!

I often get a message on my iPhone from spotify that I have offline playlists synced on more then 3 devices, and I have an option if I want to save my offline playlists on my telefone the message says that I just should quit and restarts spotify.
BUT NOW TO THE PROBLEM!!: I follow the message and quit spotify with hope that all my offlinemusic will still be there, BUT NO..!! And the other thing is that i DO NOT have synced playlists on 3 devices!!!! ONLY on my iphone!! When I restart spotify all music that I have synced are gone!!!?? WHY?! This is so annoying, and I am a paying coustomer so this makes me so angry!! Why pay if the program, by itself deletes my synced stuff...please help? What to do when even not the steps that I follow do not do as it says..?!
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ITunes match costs about £23 per year and allows you to have your owned music collection with you everywhere on any IOS device.

Your music library is uploaded to iCloud and can be downloaded/streamed when needed. The difference is you have to own the music as opposed to Spotify where you can search for it.

The music does NOT have to be iTunes purchased, it can be from anywhere.

If Spotify works properly it is a better service as you don't have to purchase any music first but working properly is the problem. I've now unsubbed and will be getting my music through MP3 Panda to use in Match from now on.

I have two devices with Spotify: a MacBook and an iPhone


This morning when I opened the iPhone app I got a message saying I have more than 3 offline devices, and it said I have to quit the app. The quit process took around 20 seconds and when I reopened it, ALL MY OFFLINE SONGS WERE DELETED.


I can't describe how frustrating it is. Especially when the syncing process takes 6-7 hours for about 1700 songs.


How do I make sure it doesn't happen again? I'm gonna fly outside the US and it'll be terrible if the offline songs get deleted again.

Same thing happened to me, and has happened before. I have deleted all my offline lists so that I only have it on iPhone and iPad, but it still says that I have offline lsit on more than three devices. 



I'm randomly recieving the error message on my iphone that I have offline tracks available on more than two devices and after that all of my offline synced tracks are gone and I have to sync them again! 


Despite the fact that syncing gigs of music each time this happen is really annoying, this is not true. I just have my laptop and phone that use this account. Just to make sure and be on safe side, I also changed password but it's happening again...

I`m not even using two devices playing at same time. 


Isn't there any option available to see currently sinced devices? if not, it would be a useful feature for such situations.


And the question is that, how should I get rid of this annoying problem?! I can't download 10gb of music and sync them every time it happens! 

I am having the same issue, but it is likely due to installing spotify on a work computer at my old job. Technically I have installed it on 4 devices but I keep having to resynchronize on the devices I still have access to. Can you please contact me about removing the old work computer from my account to ensure my 3 commonly used devices continue to work offline?


Hiya, I'm having the same problem and would love to get the email you're referring to, with instructions for deleting a device from my account. Thank you!

same here.. I'd like to get the email, too.



I would like to get the e-mail as well, I keep getting the same error on my Iphone...

Hi all new members,

Receiving the e-mail and the reset of devices will not solve the problem permanently, at one point you will receive the message again.

A solution I got from the German Spotify customer service (via Tyler who works at their center in Ireland I think) is this:

This should solve the issue, but ONLY if you use the iTunes wi-fi sync option:

1. If you use the wi-fi sync option for iTunes, you have to disable this.
2. Then you have to delete the Spotify app and download it again from the App Store.

For people (like me) who don't use iTunes, there is still no solution.

Just a note about the customer service we the paying customers are getting:

-The moderators are ignoring us
-Spotify is ignoring us
-The last time a moderator reacted in this thread is (correct me if I'm wrong) March 13th, so weeks ago.

This behavior towards us is unacceptable. I suggest we ALL send e-mails to Spotify to point this out. We are paying for a service they are not delivering AND they gladly take our money AND they are not taking any action to inform us regarding this issue. We understand that an app can have issues, no problem, but we at least should be informed of the status regularly.

E-mail of Spotify is:

Another important point:

ALWAYS put your Spotify onn Offline Mode when you are not at home. This way it can't connect to other networks when you connect to one with your iPhone. The issue that Spotify thinks that a network is a new device is the foundation of the issue we are experiencing, by keeping Spotify offline the amount of 'Devices' will not increase and you won't get the '3 devices' error (hopefully).

Spotify moderators: wake up, we are now officially doing your work by suggesting solutions to problems that affect your users.

Unfortunately I have never used the WiFi sync option for iTunes, and still experience this issue with Spotify on a weekly basis.

Hey Y2kevin and others,

It could be that this option was enabled by default and it has to be turned off manually.

This is what I just received from Tyler (one person at customer service who really seems to care):

If you can just plug your iPhone into your pc/mac and then on the first screen that you see you should be able to see an option

'enable wifi sync of this device'

To clarify I mean the device summary screen within iTunes - which you can get to by clicking on 'yourname's iphone on the left hand side of the screen'

its possible that this was enabled automatically.

So this is a potential solution. I will try this, let's see what happens. Actually I'm not a iTunes fan (several bad experiences, that's why I use Sporify in the first place).

Marchiano, thanks for the offline mode tip.

Also, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share the potential fix you received from a Spotify support team member. At this point I'm willing to try anything, so I will enable the WiFi sync, then manually disable the function and redownload the Spotify app to see if that makes a difference. Thanks again...let's hope this works.

Thanks for the updates Marchiano.


As far as always setting Spotify to offline when you are off your own network - I don't personally see this as a viable workaround. While I sync the songs I listen to the most, I do stream sometimes. It's good to know this workaround is avaliable if we are really worried about losing our local and synced songs though.

You're all welcome Y2kevin, rkarolak and all others.

Big thanks should definitely go to my awesome girlfriend who suggested the offline mode tip today during lunch. I was already playing with this idea a little bit in my head, but really all the credit for suggesting it here goes to her 🙂 she's also a Premium user, but uses Android and has never had this problem we are having. She says "you're welcome!" to everybody 🙂

rkarolak, great point about the streaming. I myself basically only stream when I'm at home/my girl's or mom's house but you're totally right. The offline mode option is a workaround, but Spotify will have to give is the true solution. Unfortunately, besides 1 dude, there is nothing from them. The stream
issue sucks, what if you are meeting with friends and you want to stream a song you are talking about? You can't. But you're still paying for the service.

For me the offline mode option seems to be the easiest to do for us and the price we have to pay of not being able to stream every now and then is smaller than regularly losing all our offline playlists.

So far so good with my account (with offline mode on) but I'll be traveling tomorrow and really hope I don't get the message again, even though I think the chance is a lot smaller now 🙂

Thanks for the potential work arounds guys but I find this whole situation ridiculous.

We shouldn't have to turn off useful features or nurse apps so make sure they work properly.

If this was free or a one payment app I could stomach it better but people pay around £120 a year for this service (I've ditched my sub now after finding this issue unresolvable).

There is very little help for this and customer service is shocking. Turn off iCloud and reset devices are the only help I got and obviously neither work or still be paying.

The lack of official replies in this thread sums up Spotify's service level to me!!

Hi meredith 
Can you email me about a possible reset of my devices but tell me what the devices are beforehand?

Sorry Rob but you're loosing your time here. This IS a bug, not a feature.

Thank you Dave, i couldn't say it better.


I've just found something to calm down in front of this silence : say what i think on the app store. 

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