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One user - multiple devices

One user - multiple devices

Hey guys,


got a problem:

At home we have 4 premium users and 2 devices. But only one (always the same since he was the first who connected with the devices) user can see the devices and can play songs on them. How is that possible?

I already tried reinstalling spotify and restarting my wifi/devices.


Please help - thanks in advance.

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Hey, @janthanei -


To use Spotify Connect, your devices must be logged into the same account, and should be on the same Wifi.


If someone connected a device through Spotify, the device won't show up to other users even if they are on the same Wifi.


Check this out for more:


Thank you 🙂

Thanks for your reply.

The problem persists when the specific user is not connected in any way
with the device - means that the device is free to use.

Hey, @janthanei -


Can you connect to the devices using other platforms or Wifi?


Also please make sure: 


  • All devices are fully up-to-date
  • You’re on the latest version of Spotify
  • Your device is on the same network


Tell me how it goes 🙂

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