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I can't log into my premium accont.

Everytime i try to log in, i put my username and it says that an account with that name doesnMt exist.

The strange thing is that i always logged in with the same username and i'm still logged with that account on my Playstation.

The e-mail doesn't work, i think that i 've writed it wring when i made my account.

someone knows how to help me or atleast how i can stop payibg for the premium?

Thanks in advantage

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Hey @Francescorivaaa, help's here.


Could you let us know:

  • What devices are you currently experiencing this on?
  • Can you log in to the web player?
  • Can you log in to your Account Overview on the site?

We'd suggest doing a clean reinstall on all those affected devices, then check that your connection's good (check WiFi and 4G on any mobile devices), and make sure you're entering your correct username and password.


If you're using a Facebook-created account, be sure to click 'Log In With Facebook' instead.


Hope this helps!


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