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Password issues

Password issues

Hey losers, I tried to get on my spotify today with the password I know is right, but am told it isnt, so I changed it, with the link you sent me to my email, then was told that one is wrong, so I changed it again, then was told that one is wrong,   FIX THIS NOW! I am also upset with the fact that I cannot find a phone number for you, I am going to contact who ever I need to contact to make sure that gets changed, no company like this that takes money from people for memberships should ever be permitted to not have a customer service phone number for people to contact them!!!!   I have had to change my password twice today, and still am being told that it is wrong,  I AM ANGRY!!!!!  FIX IT NOW!!!!  I am also sick of your stupid I'm not a robot **bleep**, I dont appreciate having to do that stupid picture **bleep** 2 or 3 times before I can do anything with my account!!!!!!

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I want to know what the bleeps are in my post; I did not put anything in there that needs Bleeped, I do not cures, you are trying make it look to other people like I did, I do not appreciate that!!!!!!

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