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Pay for tracks?

Pay for tracks?

Hi. I selected an album to add to my Spotify account via the desk top client and got a message saying that I needed to make a purchase. I have a premium account and was of the belief that all music was free. Can someone please explain under what circumstances you need to buy music rather than simply stream it? Cheers

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What exactly did you do? I mean what do you mean by "selecting an album to add to your Spotify account"?


The "normal way" is to add songs to a playlist and then just play a playlist of Library and this way you don't buy the music you "rent" it (so it's not free either). The only way I know how you even can buy music in Spotify is through the buy button and I have tapped the option that all those are hidden so I don't even see them.

from desk top client search for album, select 'get album'. message is displayed saying 'buy for 9' (9 tracks on the album in question). i click on the 'buy' button and a window opens telling me 'you need downloads to get these tracks' and offers me a certain number of downloads for varaious prices. you can buy anywhere between 9 and 100 downloads for various prices. what i don't get is that i have a premium account for £10 per month and i thought that it meant i could access whatever i wanted, make it available to play off line etc yet there are still music purchase options...

You should be able to play any song just by double clicking on the name. 

The "Get" buttons you see are part of the Spotify downloads store, which allow you to purchase tracks as MP3's for use outside of Spotify. If you just want to use Spotify, you can search for any track/album, double click to play it. If you like, you can also add tracks to your Spotify playlists by either drag and dropping onto the playlist name or by right clicking on the track and selecting "Add-to".



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