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Payed for my monthly subsciption but on the app it says i havent

Payed for my monthly subsciption but on the app it says i havent

I have proof of paying for spotify and i have a family plan, it clearly took money from my account, but on the app it tells me to "not lose my premium and pay for it".

It's been a while already and it keeps showing me that and it's really pissing me off.

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Hi @ievation!


It's possible that a payment didn't go through, thus the message you received. We'd recommend checking your subscription's status on your Account page to see if everything looks good there.


If you're certain that money has been deducted from your account, yet this isn't shown on the Account page, it's possible that you have subscribed to a second account by accident. You can try logging out and logging in with any other email addresses you use to see if there's an existing account with them.


If you need additional help, it's best you reach out to the folks over at Customer Support, since they have access to the necessary tools to look further into this and help you out.


Hope this gets resolved soon. Cheers!

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