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Payments when moving to another country

Payments when moving to another country



This September I'm moving from Poland to the UK. I have a premium account now and I pay 20 PLN for it. If I had moved to the UK, would I still have been able to pay the equality in British pounds, or would I had have to pay the price which is stated on the British Spotify ? (currently 10 pounds for students) ?


I appreciate any information 🙂

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If you were to pay using a Polish bank card or Paypal account, you would pay in the Polish currency the Polish price. If not, you would have to set your country to UK, and pay in GBP - 10 a month for premium, 5 for unlimited.


I don't understand what you mean when you say 'for students' - if you have a NUS Extra card, you get premium for £5, but that's it 🙂



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