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Personally made playlists.

Personally made playlists.

Plan. Premium. Country. 

Device. (ipod , Samsung Galaxy, Windows 10 Laptop)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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I am a premium monthly playing member. Unwanted songs keep playing on my personally made playlists even in offline downloaded mode. Sometimes with no option to like, dislike or remove from my playlist. I have sometimes seen a option to remove songs on the Windows desktop version of Spotify only to find those same songs reappearing when I open and play my songs on Spotify the next day. All my personal playlisten are "non collaborative" thus normally that cannot be manipulated externally. I have even started from scratch again making completely new playlists adding the songs that I want to hear one by one.  But this problem keeps recurring.

Or does Spotify do this on purpose forcing users to listen to songs that they think you should like??

I am reaching a point where I feel like closing down my account all together and either trying an alternative streaming provider or just start buying 15€ of songs every month instead.

It seems like I am the only person having this problem so could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks


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Hey @blackspark00.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Songs shouldn't just automatically add to playlists of yours. Only if you choose to add them yourself will this happen.


A possibility is that you have Autoplay on in the settings. This causes the Radio feature to start after the songs in a playlist are finished. It will play songs we think you might like. More info about Autoplay here.


Another possibility is that an unauthorized person has access to your account. In that case we recommend to change both your Spotify password and (if your accounts are connected) your Facebook password. Then, log out everywhere on your Spotify account page and your Facebook profile.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Thanks for your reply. All my family and friends give me that weird look 😨 when I tell them about this problem with some adding "how comes stuff like this only happens to you??" 

I have tried and double checked all of your suggestions previously and problem keeps coming back.  As regards my account being hacked I can't understand the point of someone just periodically adding unwanted songs to my various playlist just to see how I will react instead of just completely erasing them, unless this person is a psychopath with a limited IQ 😃. I think your final advise though is the only option left me. Close down this account with my 1 143 songs and set up a new one 😞.



Hey @blackspark00,


We'd like to help out as much as we can and try to avoid the scenario where you have to create a new account.


Spotify can add recommended tracks to your own playlists, but that's only if you're on the Free service and the playlist is small. You mentioned that you have Premium, so make sure to log out, and log back in with the correct details for your Premium account, and double-check that you have access to other Premium features such as offline listening, and ad-free listening.


 If that doesn't help, we suggest you go through the steps provided on this help article. Make sure to go through it all - you'll find all te necessary help there.


Let us know if there's anything else 🙂

Thanks I will give it a try when I have some free time and keep you updated.

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I have followed your instructions changing password and logging out spotify on all my devices in private mode.

My account is not linked to Facebook for logging in but  I can see my friends activity

I do not fully understand why after changing my password and logging out and back in that I have to go back to spotify account and state that cannot log in

because I just did. This seems a bit repetitive. Why not just go straight to this section and temporary block account, and why do I have to give you all my payment details again??

I also checked autoplay button and for some change reason it was switched back on so  I have switched it off again. I just going to wait and see what happens now before maybe considering following those further steps. Hopefully the "auto play" button was the main cause of the problem.

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