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[Playlists] How do I stop Spotify from adding tracks to my playlist?

[Playlists] How do I stop Spotify from adding tracks to my playlist?

It’s really annoying cause I don’t want your **bleep**ing suggestions. If I did then there’d be no point of creating a playlist with music that I LIKE. So stop. Seriously. Also stop adding more songs after I try to delete the ones you add. Please let me know how to shut this function off.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for providing your feedback on this feature.


We just wanted to clarify that the following is expected behaviour on the free version on mobile:

  • If you have less than 15 songs in your playlist, we'll add more songs.
  • You will see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by us, but they can be replaced by adding more songs.

You can check this idea about an option to remove the We added section and add your +Vote to it. You can also Subscribe to the thread so you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


If you're experiencing any issues with Recommended songs, make sure to start a new thread about it in the relevant help board here and we'll help you out.


Thanks! Take care for now 🙂

You can’t. Spotify barely makes money. They’re in the business of annoying you as much as possible to push you into buying their premium subscription. 

I thought it was just me that didn't know how to operate the phone version, but I now see that everyone has the same experience. I accept that the free version has to be funded by Adverts. But I want to listen to MUSIC OF MY CHOICE, not from some crappy algorithm. If you don't fix this issue I'll be unlikely to use Spotify much if at all. 

Very bad answer. The whole business model is designed to push users towards Premium. I'm happy to accept adverts in the free version. I'm not at all happy to have some crappy algorithm selecting songs for me. 

 I'm having the same issue with the creating of my own playlist and spotify adding songs to it. If the playlist only actually contains my songs why are the spotify added songs the only ones I get playing? 

No. Your wrong. They are added to your play list. You have to listen to them.

Hey @Bro0718 and @NB90,


If we understand you correctly, when listening to a playlist containing songs which Spotify has added, you are only able to listen to the added recommended songs. Is this correct?


If so, would you mind sending us a screen recording showing us how this is happening? Once we have that, we'll be able to look into this further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your replies.

they are part of the playlist for me they never fail to play

So being new to Spotify I was surprised when I saw music added to my list to. I have only one playlist at present, and it was meant to contain songs only from “Breaking Bad” I have been watching the episodes and Shazam’ing the songs I like, only for it to be ruined. 


From I’m what I have just read on these thread pages I have been deterred from a subscription. 



I just found out that they want your playlist to have at least 15 songs on your playlist so try to have 15 songs on your playlist and it should eradicate that problem

Getting a similar issue for playlists with more than 15 songs, does anyone know the exact requirements for Spotify to stop adding songs/playing suggested songs instead of playing the playlist? Seems to do it when there are a large amount of songs from one artist/album even if there are plenty of other songs as well. 

Scrolled thru this whole thread to see if I could find the answer to this issue.

All I found was that Spotify Mods make you chase your tail like a dig, repeatedly asking for a description of the problem and screenshots. No one likes this feature!

Fix the issue already and quit asking for a description of the issue!

That's all, I'm done with Spotify, hope this helps!!


kind of funny customer service like many other old fashion company where you keep recieving non sense template replies 🙂 maybe the replies from spotify are given to robtos.

You want free songs? ok so we hack your playlist

Due to this adding of songs to my playlist I’m out too...


Back to Apple Music 🎵 

I am a premium member, and you have added unwanted songs to my playlists that play on android auto

I think the feature of spotify adding songs to a playlist is quite annoying. I only want a select amount of songs on my playlist as I am using that list for practicing dance numbers. I don't need suggested songs popping up and ruining my ability to practice the songs I am actually using! SO FRUSTRATING!!! Time to go back to the old way of having mp3 tracks on my phone.

I've been a Premium user for several years. I listen mostly on my phone. Recently, Spotify has been adding what appears to be random playlists to my library. So far, all of them contain music that I have no interest in listening to. If I delete them Spotify merely adds new ones the next time I launch it. This has become really annoying. I resent paying money for something that annoys me. Is there a work around for this?


nm i figured it out.


I just added a 15th and 16th song to my Trench Album Only Playlist...

And still they're playing "suggested songs" like Zombie Bastards by Weezer....

Two out of three of the last songs weren't on my playlist.



This is the FIFTH suggested song (out of six) in a row!  ...its the same band at least but still not on my playlist... can I hear the whole playlist before you guys start doing your own thing

If not, I may have to go back to youtube🙁


They might manage to annoy me out of using spotify all together

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