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(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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When I was listening to Spotify a couple of days ago it suddenly logged me out (I didn't do anything different) and so I logged in again and ever since then none of my playlists are being displayed anymore. I have tried following all the suggestions I found - logging out and in again, switching to offline mode then logging out and in again. Also going into the account and the 'recover missing playlists' page - but none of my playlists were there. Can someone please help?





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Hey @k88k.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - don't worry, we'll get you back to your playlists 😉


It's quite likely that you've accidentally logged into another account which you've created by accident. 


Just to make sure, could you head to this support article and read the instructions under the heading All of my music has disappeared?


If you're still not able to get back into your account, let us know and we'll see what to suggest next 😉

Thanks a lot Peter and I checked the account name and it was definitely the same account. Also when I right click 'add song' my playlists appear and allow me to add songs to my playlists but the playlists themselves just weren't displaying on the left side! I contacted Spotify and someone checked that there wasn't an issue with the account and it was definitely my account etc but he said that my playlists had gone to the bottom for some reason. We worked out that when I minimised the Spotify desktop app suddenly the playlists appeared at the bottom - which makes it very difficult to see them but at least I can access them again. But would be great if you had any ideas on how I can bring my playlists up to the top again

Many thanks 🙂

Hey @k88k.


Thanks for getting back to us 🙂


Do you mind sending over a screenshot showing how the playlists appear on your end? We'll take a closer look 😉

Thanks Peter here is a screenshot - hopefully it worked 🙂

Hey @k88k.


Thanks for the screenshot 🙂


It looks like there might be an issue with your screen resolution which is preventing your left sidebar from appearing correctly. 

First though, could you try clicking on the right border of the left sidebar and dragging it to your left? This should minimise the cover art in the bottom-left corner, but hopefully this will reveal a few more of your playlists.


If that doesn't work, then could you try playing around with the screen resolution of your desktop a bit and seeing if changing it brings the playlists back into view?


Keep us posted 🙂

Hi Peter


Thanks very much for your suggestions. Dragging the right border of the sidebar didn't really help but adjusting the screen resolution did display a lot more of my playlists. They still seem to be at the bottom but at least I can see more of them now. But I'm a bit concerned because to achieve that I had to switch the resolution from Microsoft's "recommended" resolution to the next one down (1680 x 1050) so I don't know whether that might cause problems? I didn't have this problem previously and had had Microsoft's "recommended" resolution then. Don't know if it matters





Hey @k88k.


Thanks for getting back to us! Glad to hear that changing the resolution partly solved the issue.


To answer your question, we're not really sure why this change occurred exactly, especially since you were only logged out of the app. 


Just to confirm, did you try updating the app after being logged out?


Keep us posted 🙂

Thanks again Peter. I didn't try updating the app after it logged me out but it did update itself a couple of days ago so I assume it is up to date? I tried changing the resolution back to the microsoft recommended setting again but then it only displayed a couple of playlists again (in the sense that to display more you would need to scroll) so I changed it to the next resolution again and it showed them again. So I guess it just doesn't display when I have the recommended resolution anymore

Hey there @k88k,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop! 


From the screenshot you posted previously, it looks like the Windows Taskbar is customized to be two lines instead of one which could explain what happened here.


In this case, could you double-check your device's Taskbar settings?


It's possible that the Windows Taskbar wasn't locked and when a lot of taskbar icons/buttons were added, the taskbar adjusted to make room for them. You can find more info or instructions to reset your taskbar settings by searching online.


Alternatively, if you'd like to keep the Windows Taskbar customized as is, you can zoom out in the Spotify app to more fully view your playlists. You can do so by clicking the three-dot menu on the top left corner of the app, select View and then Zoom Out. You can repeat this to your preference. You can also click Ctrl and + or - until the app's zoomed to your liking.


You can reset the app's zoom anytime either by going to the three-dot menu > View > Reset Zoom, or clicking Ctrl and 0.


Let us know how it goes! We'll be right here if you need more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Thanks for this Katerina and I tried to reply to this earlier but the website wouldn't allow me to submit a response until today. The double line in the taskbar is intentional - I had that before I had this issue but I tried your zoom out tip. It helped a bit but not so much that I didn't still have the problem when I reset the resolution back to the recommended setting which it was on before this happened so I put it back to the next one down again. Not sure why this error happened!

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