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Playlists won't update

Playlists won't update

Hello all,


First of all, I'm new to this community/forum so I hope this post is in the right section.


My problem is, that the playlists that I follow won't update. Even the 'Discover Weekly' playlist doesn't update. 


I run Spotify on several devices (iMac, Samsung Phone and a Laptop) and non of them does have updated playlists.


How can I solve this problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @darylbreunissen!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us with your question.


Can you tell us a bit more about what's happening?


What is it that doesn't update on your playlists exactly? Do you stream your music often without the Private Session enabled?

Hi sebastiankreuz!


I think the playlists do update, but the problem is that I don't receive notifications about it. 


Thanks for replying!

Our pleasure and thanks for clearing that out!

We've stopped sending this type of notification, but we'll let the team know you miss them 🙂

NO.....the playlist dont update. It just keeps shuffling the same songs. 

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