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Please help! All my music gone and replaced!

Please help! All my music gone and replaced!

Since yesterday, I can see ANY of my playlists, songs, nothing, followed songs. Instead, I have totally different songs and albums saved to my phone, that i never played and never listened to such music. I have remium account.

When I went to "restore "my playlist, I was able to restore only my starred songs, and the rest of plyalist that spotify was offering to restore were already the wrong ones that I never saved. 

What is this? Makes me frustrated :(( please help. 

tried to log out several times, nothing helped.

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Just to add info, i reinstalled the app on iphone 6s, but no improvements. Changed password, updated payment account. Logged our all offline devices. Nothing. All music gone. 

Saved music and artists and playlists (except starred songs) are gone as well on my spotify on computer and on android device. 

Spotify shows me recently played songs, that i never played.

This makes me very unhappy, please help. Is this going to happen again? Shall I bother to save music again or just leave it and pay for nothing??

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