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Please help!!

Please help!!

I have upgrade my account from unlimited to premium but when im logging in on my computer and mobile it says that i still have unlimited. I have mailed the support but got no answer from them. It very anoying when you pay money for this but it doesn´t work and you get no support. Please help!!

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One of my colleagues sent through a message to you 6 days ago. You might need to check your Junk Mail or Spam filter in your email inbox.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Yes i got that mail but i have mailed you three times since then, and the info in that mail i got was completly worthless, offcourse i understand that i have to log out and in again i do that everytime i start spotify.

Hmm, this might get tricky. I'll send you another message.
Airhorn Enthusiast

i have mailed you the info back now.

Thanks for the help! Now is everything working!

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