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Pre-paid Premium

Pre-paid Premium

I accidently started the pre-paid subscription that gives me a 7 day trial on my phoneand my trail ends on March 3rd. I'm just wondering if they are going to charge me even though I didn't put any credit card information down. I tried to end the trial, but it won't let me. So I'm just wondering if it's going to charge me?

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Hey there @heatsrbeast36!


If you put no credit info down, then no, you cannot be charged through your credit card 🙂 Spotify won't bill you or anything, but if you signed up with payment details through iTunes or your phone provider, then that is a different story. You may need to cancel with that provider if they have any information that they can use to bill you. 



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I have had the same issue. I have signed up for pre-paid premium but no longer want it. I was just wondering what i have to do in order to remove it.

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