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Premium Login Fail

Premium Login Fail



I am writing on behalf of my father who has Spotify premium (he resides in Greece, if that plays any role). 

Recently, he travelled within the country and when he tried to login to his account (e-mail based account, not Facebook), the credentials he used did not work. After the login fail, the application recommended him to use Facebook to login, which he did, and then he was connected to some new account, which is the trial-free one and not the premium. 

Now, his efforts to retrieve a new password have failed because apparently he is not receiving any email from Spotify in his inbox. Also, his credit card has been charged for the premium account, normally.

I have asked him to delete and re-install the app from all the devices he had it on (both android and iOS). Tried once again to recover it and now the facebook account seems to be getting in the way of solving this mess.


What are the steps to retrieve his premium account?


Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks.



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I would recommend to try the different steps in this troubleshooting guide:

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