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Premium doesn't work!!


Premium doesn't work!!


I just upgraded to Spotify Premium today.

The problem is that it doesn't work. On my mobile-phone it just still says "The track is only available for Premium users."


And YES, I have already tried the "clean reinstallation" several times but it just still doesn't seem to work.


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With the replies from hpguru, apparently not. Apparently it may take some time to show or we've all messed up and created a duplicate account or are logging in fron the wrong account.

I agree, upgraded to premium and although the payment left my account, email confirmation has come through, all the music is greyed out and I cannot get any music it tells me I need to upgrade to listen.... I've logged in and out of all devices numerous times, I've reinstalled the app on every device a few times too. Nothing, thewebsite says I have premium and still I get nothing, no reply from moderators on other threads or to my message, very dissapointed so far, require help 

At first I just thought it was me but obviously not. There is a much larger problem that is arising.

Totally agree , I think it is a systym foulth because so many people have the same problem. I am still looking for an sollution

I am too having the same problem. I joined premium and it still shows me in free mode. I contacted customer service, hopefully I get a reply soon.... 9.99 a month... come on Spotify!

It seems like Spotify have some problem with people who created a new premium account or upgraded their account today. A tip can be to check out Spotifys support twitter accounts.

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Check album availability here

Same here.  I got myself a birthday present and ordered premium, got my e-mail receipt, tried logging in and out, closing the program and whatnot several times. I finally reached the tipping point of hearing those god-awful commericials with the worst music and ads only to be severely disappointed.  For shame Spotify, for shame.  

Problem occured after I upgraded from free to Premium. I (stupidly?) deinstalled the free version before I placed and paid my order but now where do I get the Premium version for my phone? All I can obtain from Market or internet to download is the free version and when after downloading I want to activate this it says that it is expired. For the 9.99 I expect a little more assistance and speed in resolving tech problems.

Mine's just upgraded now.

Did you do anything?

How long had you been waiting? Did you contact support? I'm still having problems

@wozmcfc wrote:

Mine's just upgraded now.

Hey there!


Keep fun with Premium. How you like it? 😃


Hpguru can you assist with my issue?

I upgraded a couple of hours ago and I've been waiting since for some help. Then out of the blue spotify restarted and it said "You are now using Spotify Premium!"

so i guess its just a waiting game?

Same here. Would someone from Spotify like to tell me what the problem is?

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Hey all!


I can confirm Spotify is doing it's best with those.


All accounts are with subscriptions so it's about time when you receive a update to your client.


Sometimes it can be happen in no time and sometimes in some hours. If still problems after 12 hours, you should contact to Support via Contact form for troubleshooting things.


Also to get a your lovely sub faster keep logging out and log in back every hours, so update will come this way much faster. =))


If you received a mail about your subscription and you also see Unlimited/Premium status here as purchased, you are fine and all you need is wait when your client receives an update from Internet.


Hope you can enjoy Spotify very very soon!!


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Ahh. OK that makes sense. Might be good if you warn people that this will happen when they offer to give Spotify money! Hopefully things will be up and running soon as you say.

@vng10 wrote:



Veeery niiice!! Enjoy. 😃


Now it's time to listen some cool music from Spotify? Here's my favorite: Knife Party – Bonfire


How you like it?


PS: To get a full quality out of Spotify, go to Edit - Preferences and enable high quality 320 kbps sound mode and you're be so happy. And this is not all, the whole catalogue is in 320 kbps mode! Believe me and enjoy. 🙂

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