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Premium spotify. 2 accounts. One number.

Premium spotify. 2 accounts. One number.

I have two spotify accounts. I registered both with the same number. It worked last time. I don't know how, but now, I tried registering my other spoti and the other one is now premiumed. I want the other one be premium but it says there is a problem. And if I cancel the subscription of the other, will I be refunded? Thanks. I need immediate answers.
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Hi @theallengrey! I am a bit unclear as to what you mean when you say that you subscribed using the same number. If you could clarify this point I'd be happy to offer a better answer.


As far as canceling goes, when you cancel a subscription you simply stop your account from being charged the following month. Any time you have left remains on your account for your use, and you are not refunded. 


Again, I'd be happy to provide a more meaningful answer, and I look forward to hearing back form you!

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