Problema premium for family


Problema premium for family



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Salve, ero in un piano premium for family, il mio account è tornato free inaspettatamente 2 giorni fa e non capisco il perchè, mi faccio rimandare l'invito al gruppo premium for family, ma non mi fa accettare l'invito perchè dice che in un anno non posso cambiare piano, ma io non lo sto cambiando, vorrei rientrare nello stesso in cui ero prima e che sono uscito senza motivo, potreste risolvere?Come devo fare?


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Re: Problema premium for family


Hey @Gaetano1997, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We hope you don't mind us replying in English. If you want Italian support, remember you can contact us via email here.


Now, keep in mind that in order to be part of a Premium for Family plan, all users must live in the same place as the plan admin. If you're trying to rejoin the same plan and you live in the same place, you shouldn't have a problem to do it. Could you ask the plan admin to send you the invite one more time? When you receive it, make sure to accept it from a computer, using a Google Chrome incognito window.


Let us know if that helps.