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Profile image is sideways and change button doesn't work

Profile image is sideways and change button doesn't work

I uploaded a profile image (the image is square, if that makes a difference) and it's showing up sideways. To make matters worse the "change" button no longer works, so I can't change the image. Help!

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Hello @sqmunson, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Spotify is aware that right now the button to change the profile picture in the desktop app is unresponsive and is already working on a solution.

my dude I'm still having this problem.  It's been a month and you guys haven't figured out how to turn prof pics rightside up?  

ya same, I can change it but all pics are either upside down or sidways.  

try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. this happened to me a while back and i emailed spotify asking for help, and they suggested it might just have something to do with restarting. also, your app might need updating so that's worth checking.

I fixed the problem by taking a new picture but making sure that it was taken in a landscape orientation rather than a portrait.


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