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Purchased Premium - It won't properly link to my account.

Purchased Premium - It won't properly link to my account.

Hi. I've purchased premium before with the same Facebook login. This time, whenever I login to spotify with the same Facebook email and password that has successfully worked in the past, even though I have received a confirmation receipt that my account is in premium status, it still tells me 'Only Premium Members Can Stream Music, but Radio is FREE!".

Something is obviously wrong. I only have two Facebook logins, and I've tried logging into spotify with both.. Both after uninstalling and reinstalling spotify and after rebooting my phone, resetting my phones cache and logging freah into both Facebook accounts. I can see all my old playlists, but I cannot see them.

My Facebook email is: bloodspatter504

(gmail address)

Can you tell me what's wrong and fix it?
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Sorry that last sentence is supposed to read:

I can see all my old playlists but I cannot play them.

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂

Sometimes, it can take a while for your subscription to appear across all of your devices. 


First thing to do is double check which account has premium, you can do that by looking at your subscription status on your online account.


If it says you have premium, I would suggest you have a read at and try the steps outlined in this post.


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