Re-upgrading to premium, form keeps resetting to blank...


Re-upgrading to premium, form keeps resetting to blank...


Hello, i have a problem.
step by step 🙂
1: Card got stolen -> card cancled -> spotify cant withdraw -> premium cancled.

2: Got new card -> Want to get premium back 🙂

3: Cant remember password -> log in with facebook -> works -> it knows my name and all...

4: Try to upgrade to premium -> enter card details -> Click "Start my spotify premium" -> page resets (deletes the fill in fields) -> nothing else happens...


So basicly, the payment method form keeps resetting to blank when i click "Start my spotify premium".


I tried:

1: Making sure the payment methos is set to card (mastercard)

2: entering the card number all in one.

3: entering the card number 4 by 4 (3232 3242 2525 3233).

4: entering the security code all in one.

5: entering the security number 1 by 2 (3 33) (Cos it kinda looks like that on the page(Desperation)).

6: all combinations of the above.


Why the hell does a multi million dollard global company not have phone support!? jesus....


At my whits end here, if spotify does not fix this, im going over to Deezer.

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Hey @Henrikkkkk! Welcome to the Spotify Community .^^


That sounds not nice.

Do you've tried to use another browser or clearing your browser cache/cookies ?

This may help you. ^^