Remove song and edit name on Artist Spotify

Remove song and edit name on Artist Spotify

I would like to remove song from my profile and edit profile name how can i do?



(i have artist spotify)


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hello @desfoland  and welcome to the community!


If you want to do corrections to your music, please contact your label or distributor. They just need to submit a metadata update to Spotify with the correct information.


Spotify is unable to make these changes manually since they display music according to the metadata delivered to them by your label or distributor. This includes:

  • Artist name
  • Release titles and artwork
  • Live date and release date
  • Track order
  • Territorial availability
  • Whether the track contains explicit lyrics
  • Whether you’re a main artist, featured artist, or remixer
  • Songwriter/producer credits

Once Spotify receives the updated info from your label or distributor, the changes will be reflected on Spotify as soon as possible.


Have a nice day

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