Removing Song From Playlist iPhones


Removing Song From Playlist iPhones

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Since the recent update it makes it almost impossible to remove songs from a playlist on your iPhone. It used to show in green which song was playing so that you could easily find that song. Since the update all the songs appear in white. I understand the limitations of copeting with Apple Music and offering your product on their devices, but there needs to be an easier way to remove songs from a playlist on Apple devices. It's a bad experience for the user. We are constantaly developing just as your platform is. Kendrick Lamar was cool to us yesterday, but today it's Lizzo. We need the freedom to easily change our preferences so that we can keep listening and growing with you. I am now being pushed to desktop to make changes to my music. If this is out of your control fine, but it is a common issue. 


Also, if there was a way to search through all your downloaded songs that would be very user friendly. I go to my playlists to find that song i have been craving, not to your browse. 




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Re: Removing Song From Playlist iPhones

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Hey there @Therk,

thanks for posting in the community !


If i understand correctly you want to delete songs from a playlist you made ?

If that's the case:

- Your Libary

- Playlists

- Choose the playlist you want to edit

- Click on the 3 dots top right corner

- Edit

- then use the red round circle to delete



If i didn't understand right, i'll be more then happy to help again =)

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Re: Removing Song From Playlist iPhones

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That is the case, however Spotify recently switched up the UI. When you
hit the three dots in the right corner it takes you to the edit screen,
however now all the songs are white and the song playing is not
highlighted. Also, you cant filter while in the edit screen. Sometimes I
wonder if Spotify has to dumb their software down for Apple or if they just
continue to change things without the user in mind.