Saving Playlists and moving to another account?

Saving Playlists and moving to another account?



I have a free Spotify account and am aware I cannot rename it.


I want to setup a new premium account and then move/export my playlists from the free one to the paid one.  After that I want to delete off the free one.


Is there a way I can transfer the playlists between 2 accounts?




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@RushtoDanger - You can use the technique outlined as part of this guide:

Alternatively if you get in touch with support (link in the topic or tweet @SpotifyCares) they can do it for you.

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It took me a while to find out but here are the simple steps.


First you should make all you old account playlists public. You can do this by clicking on the three small dots next to the name of the playlist.


Second, you need to create and log into your new account. Once you are in your new account search for you old account name and save all the playlists. By doing this the playlists appear on you new account but they cannot be modified. 9If you want to modify them, adding and removing, continue reading.)


Thirdly, you will need to log into a computer. On this computer open your new account. Now click and hold down on the playlists you want and drag them to create a new playlist. This will create a new identicle playlist that you can modify.


I hope this helps.

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