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Sharing on Facebook when outside of profile country

Sharing on Facebook when outside of profile country

I'm a Spotify Premium subscriber, and I've been living outside of my profile country (US) for the past weeks. I've noticed that Spotify is able to play songs without any problem, and it is also able to share music on Facebook when I click the sharing button. However, it doesn't automatically "scrobble" songs to my Music section on Facebook like it used to. Is this something done by design, or is it just a bug?


(By the way, I checked that all permissions are right for the app)

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Part of this is mostly likely the Geolocation reading Facebook is receiving when you are playing tracks. As you are using Spotify outside of one of our "launch countries", it might not scrobble as it would when you were listening in the US.
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Thanks David. Is this something that's going to change or is it by design?

I'm also having the same problem. Funny enough, my Facebook updates my timeline when I update a playlist, just not when I listen to music.


Any fix?

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