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Someone is trying to hack my account.

Someone is trying to hack my account.






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 I'm constantly getting emails suggesting I should change my password because Spotify suspects someone is trying to access my account. I have received this email 5 times in the past 10 minutes . I'm not surprised by this because I've sometimes had a play history of music I did not play or even my 2018 best of playlist has songs I never listened to. I've already signed out on all devices. What else can I so?

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I've gotten the same emails. I don't ever change my password from an email (as a rule, so that I don't accidentally get fished), but I think this is in response to the people - including me - that appear to have had their accounts compromised recently. I know I had some albums show in my recently played in the last week that I didn't listen to. I changed my password then...and have now done it 3 more times this morning, because those emails also accompany a password reset from Spotify. (So if they could please stop, yeah, that would be great.)


Same problem here, got like 6 emails so far, I've resetted my password 2-3 times already

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