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Songs are missing in India

Songs are missing in India







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I've subscribed to Spotify Premium immediately after they launched the app in India, but huge number of songs are missing. This includes Coldplay, ED Sheeran, Led Zeppelin, Disturbed, Halestorm, Linkin Park, 21 Pilots and many others. I wanna know when will all songs be available in India?

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Hey there @Soumyab,

thanks for posting in the community !


We want all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.

The good news is: We add new content to Spotify every day, so if you can’t find something you’re looking for right now, it may appear (or reappear) soon, so please check back! 


The decision when and if they upload their music to streaming apps are enitrely up to the artists and record labels themselves.

It varies from country to country and may change through time.

Therefore no official answer on this one, sorry.


Hope this sheds some light 😃

I have twitted the same issue to Spotify. They replayed me by saying they are working on it.


The licencing agreement is complicated it might take a few months for Spotify to get all the music in their library.

 spotify in india just launched its unlikely that they have copyright on all the songs right now. it is likely that more and more song will roll out over time

To the administration of Spotify India I am facing trouble to listen to my favorite songs in Spotify India here it goes when I heard Spotify was launched in India the first thing I did is I canceled my Apple Music membership and joined Spotify subscribing for a year and after that I saw so many songs we’re missing and I felt useless pretty much and I couldn’t go back to Apple Music to and I saw news that your firm is having a feud between Warner/chapel music so please tell me when this is going to end and make my subscription worth it please give me a date when I will be able to listen to my favorite songs give me a expected date from your side please
Sincerely your customer

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