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Songs in "liked songs" that I didn't like

Songs in "liked songs" that I didn't like

Songs keep showing up in my 'Liked Songs' that I didn't like.  No one else is using my account (that I know of).  I do have other users (family) but they haven't been using the account and even if they were, the songs that are getting saved are stuff that none of us would listen to.


Free plan



Used on mac, Iphone, Ipad




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Your account might be hacked. 

Please, check this article. 

Hello @OffCourse and welcome to the community!


this is really unusual issue. Please, change your Spotify password and also sign out of all devices, to be sure, that no one else is using your account. 


Here's how to do that:

  1. Log in to your account page

You should also change your email/Facebook password (depends on which is connected to your Spotify account).


Once you do all of these things and your issue won't stop happening, let us know.


Have a nice day 

Hi, it happened to me several times during last year too. Everytime I did everything as described here but without a success. It, means today I noticed again more than 100 "liked" songs within last 14 days 10 in average each day.

Hey there @rude64,


Thanks for reaching out! 


Have you also changed the password of the email that's connected to your Spotify account? 

If you've logged out of everywhere, changed your password and don't use the new password for anything else, it's a good idea to contact support.


Have a good day!

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Sure, I set unique password and I don't use it anywhere else. I did it twice, but the problem still persists

have you found a solution to this?

just notice that there also can be external apps/services have access to your Accounts for example for pre-saving releases automatically to your libary.

You can check this on under "Account" > "Apps"

Check it, hope it works

Can it be ruled out that Spotify removes tracks sometimes, and then assigns their ID to some other song, with the "liked" tag remaining active? Just a thought. This would be catastrophic of course. I would expect any removed songs to stay in my liked list, just grayed out.


(note: this is all pure speculation!)

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