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Spotify Frustration

Spotify Frustration

I really enjoy my new year long subscription, but I am very annoyed right now with how the login process works. For some reason Spotify forces me to log into facebook in order to use it. Since I don't want to be forced to log in I am trying to find a work around so that I can still use what I just paid for without the annoyances of facebook attached. 


Can someone please walk me through this headache of a situation? I tried using my FB user name and password about 20 times and it will not let me log in. Then I tried the 2cjk234lk32j23j32l number and that wouldn't work either..... Anyone have a fix for this?


Thank you for your time.

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Hi there!


If you created your account through Facebook - even by mistake, then you always have to login through Facebook.


Check out this Unofficial Guide to Disconnect from Facebook. Hope that helps!

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