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Spotify Permium

Spotify Permium

I had no money on my apple ID so my spotify abo stopped. now I want to buy the premium again but I can't find where I can activate it in the app. Plus I want to pay with my apple ID not with a credit card. HOW?

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The reason why you can't buy Spotify Premium with iTunes money is because there is an Intro Offer, in this case it's the 3 months for 0.99.


Spotify tweeted about this:


"During our Intro Offer, in-app purchases are not available. Get started with Premium at"

I got this abo for a year already. it was just paused because there was no money on my apple ID. when i go to view apple ID my phone says the abo is payed until end of July and I even got a confirmation from iTunes that I payed the amount for this month but when I go into the app it's just the "free" abo and I can only play music via shuffle...

Same thing happened to me, it's because this month had it's intro offer which they had removed the feature to buy Spotify Premium through the app store / app, I'd suggest getting a refund from apple.

AAAAH I SEE! thank you so much

I paid for Spotify Permium an I looked day after day to see if it would appear nothing came back showing me Spotify Permium I got commercials Everyday an no matter how many times I logged it or contact Spotify I got nothomg an it went nowhere so I'm now having to listen to Spotify free with commercials everyday while my money is wasted an spent without giving me what I paid for.

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