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Spotify Premium 60 days?

Spotify Premium 60 days?

Hi heard that Spotify is doing an offer to get premium for 60 days for new subscribers. I just signed up today and clicked the free trial button and it's only given me 30 days free trial. Is the 60 days trial offer over?
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Hi joeyheart123,


Spotify does indeed run a 60-day free trial occasionally, this is usually towards the start of the year and is available in markets where their 3-months for $0.99 is not available. If you are in one of the qualifying markets and are elegible for a free trial go to:


and you should see the two options for 30-day and 60-day trials

-Rob //-------------------------------//

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It didn't give me two options when I was subscribing for premium and it just gave me 30 day only....
If the 60 day offer is still going on could you possibly just add the extra 30 days because I made a Spotify account 2 days go and subscribed to premium today

I am only seeing 30 days as well. No option for 60. 

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