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Spotify Premium Account

Spotify Premium Account

Dear Sir/Madam,
About 48 hours ago I bought Spotify Premium with PayPal and the payment is yet confirmed, but when I try to login with the account on the website of Spotify it says that I am using Spotify Free and that I can improve to Premium membership.
Can you help me solve this problem?
Yours sincerely,
Peter van Leeuwen
Spotify ID: 1122587999
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Your best bet is probably to contact Spotify directly about this issue.  You can fill out the contact form by clicking "About Us" on the navigation bar at the top, and then clicking on the "Contact Form" link.  Paypal may not have sent Spotify the payment confirmation properly, so someone may need to manually look it up, and modify your account.  If you have the details in the payment receipt from PayPal, it would probably help expedite the request as well.


Hope you get your payment issue sorted!

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