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Spotify Web saying Incorrect Password, but password is correct

Spotify Web saying Incorrect Password, but password is correct






Macbook air Early 2015

Operating System

Windows 10

 (Chrome web version of Spotify)

My Question or Issue

 Hello, please help! I am trying to log into Spotify on Chrome, but it continues to say my password is incorrect despite me checking it is correct. I have pasted the same password into the Desktop version (where it worked fine) and the web version, where it said Incorrect Password. I can log in fine on Desktop version and Mobile version, but I need the web version to link my account with the Discord platform.  I've tried signing out and in on devices, and changing the password. No playlists have gone missing and my account has never been Facebook-linked. I can access the web client if I say I forgot my password then change it, and Spotify will automatically log me in, but if I log out I cannot sign back in with the same password. This problem has been ongoing all day so help is appreciated, thanks!

4 Replies

Hey there @Fhahe,

thanks for posting in the community !


Can you please try the same process using an incognito page or a different browser to see if solves the issue ?


Waiting on your update 😃

Never mind its working today ig

hey im having the same issue and ive tried going on to incognito and using different browsers but the only way it lets me log in is if i change my password before hand, ive been dealing with this issue for the past year or 2


Hey @Andre54,


Thanks for your reply and for the info shared 🙂


If the app isn't accepting your email/password combination even if you just created a new one, you can try logging with your username/password. In this article you can find the steps to find your username.


On another note, we'd like to share with you some of the reasons for what this could happen:

  • Using a private restricted network or a VPN on regular bases
  • Some 3rd party apps that are connect to your Spotify account - you can check those here and remove the ones you're 100% certain you need
  • Using the same password on multiple sites and services

So, in this case change one more time your password and then try logging with your username and password.


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