Spotify charging me £9.99 a month.

Spotify charging me £9.99 a month.

I'm being charged £9.99 per month for Spotify premium. I can't access the account, as I wish to cancel the premium. I've been getting charged £9.99 a month for a long time now, but haven't been able to access the account to cancel it. Can anyone help me?
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Hey there @sbc1989, welcome to the community!


Do you know the credentials for the account that is being charged? If not, try typing in any possible username and e-mail on the password reset page. Once you have the accounts, check their account overviews to see which one has the subscription. Once you have located the account, you can cancel the subscription here


If you are unable to locate the account, contact the payments team through the online contact form. If you receive an automated e-mail directing you back to the community, just reply to it so you can be connected with an agent that can help.


Let me know how it goes!

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