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Spotify using old email.

Spotify using old email.

I need help changing my email on Spotify. I have my Facebook account linked to my Spotify account but I have a different email on my Facebook account now. My Spotify account is using my old email that I no longer have access to.

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I have the same issue, I sent a support request but the problem is it said it will send a response to the email I no longer have. I always login via Facebook. And so I've now forgotten my Spotify password. They can't send me an email to change it, cause it no longer exists and I can't update to my new email, cause I need my password for that, and I can't send a help request for assistance, because they will respond to the email address I can't access.....HELP!!

exact same issue, it is insane. I can't even delete my account because I should click on a link they will send me on the old email address!

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