Still charged for Spotify Unlimited??

Still charged for Spotify Unlimited??




I've a delicate problem and would be most grateful for any help availabe. I've had a Spotify Unlimited account for years, which I've been very pleased with. (Charged 49 SEK / month) Recently, I've decided to unsubscribe since me and my girlfriend use her premium account instead.


Here's the tricky part. When I log in, it says that I've a Free account with the possibility, of course, to upgrade to Premium. No trace whatsoever of any Unlimited account, no receits of payments at all (despite the fact that Spotify still charge me 49 SEK again every month). 


So, I discover that Spotify decided to abolish the Unlimited account some time back, which may explain why I can't see my subscription any longer. Problem is though the subscription, which I want to cancel, is still active anyway and most importantly I'm still charged for this!


What to do? Have tried to contact Spotify by email to no avail. No customer service to call. Seems like a Catch-22 situation or something...again, most grateful for any input. Maybe someone else has the same problem?


// Fredrik Johansson

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Hi FreddieOskar. It seems like you might have two accounts, or some other tomfoolery going on there. When you emailed Spotify support you should have received an email back with a case number. Reply directly back to that email, even if it says not to, and someone at support will get back to you and help you get this sorted out. If that still doesn't get things sorted, there's @SpotifyCares on twitter, and on Facebook. Best of luck and please let me know if you need any other help.

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