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Stop suggested songs from playing


Stop suggested songs from playing

Casual Listener

I’m getting so irritated with Spotify! I have well over the 12 songs on my playlist and yet I still keep getting suggested songs. Not to mention they play back to back to back so I use all my skips trying to skip them. If I wanted them on my list I would have added them myself. Someone help me out please. How do I fix this BESIDES upgrade to premium. 

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Re: Stop suggested songs from playing


Hey Lovelyalison!


With Spotify free on mobile, It's required to have a certain amount of variety in playlists.

As for disabling suggested songs, It's not possible, unfortunately.


As far as I am aware of, if you listen to entire albums of a specific artist, you should not receive any suggested songs.


I hope this answered your question!


Best Regards,